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                             From Rumble Of  DistantThunder
Heavy snow fell against a dark stormy Philadelphia night, as a family sat in a hospital room anxiously waiting news of the birth of Natalie Prince's first born. Ghana sat watching, knowing...waiting for the fulfillment of her words spoken on distant shores so long ago. It was the night of the Destined One.  Soon, it would be time to bless the child and to prophesy. 

Hear me now, weary travelers out of time-Rejoice. Rejoice! For that which was, shall be again. And what is now, shall be no more. Soon, the home-wars will be at an end. Harmony and peace will once again be restored to the Empire.  Now, here on this distant shore, we plant our flag in the name of our Empire; In the name of Emperor Knombe-The-Great, our Sovereign Lord.  From this blessed seed will come the Chosen One, destined to become Emperor of All. 

From this moment forward, and for all time, the symbol of his royalty and power, will be his dreadlocks. At the time appointed, he shall come forth and begin his journey into manhood and his destiny. The mouth of the Prophetess hath spoken it. So let it be written, so let it be done!

Shortly after Darius was born, Ghana lifted the boy from his Doula, for all to see. Their eyes met. Even then, Darius felt the immensity of her power. Yet he felt totally secure in her arms. A close look into his eyes revealed a glint of orange light. That same light was in GHANA'S own eyes. Baby Darius was her only weakness. Instantly, there was a bond between them, a oneness. Ghana smiled, and then handed the child to his unsuspecting mother. 

How can one so young hear and understand words far beyond his years? Yet he did hear them and understood them. He heard her deepest thoughts. They were past experiences from long ago. But for now, came only a baby's cry, as he tried to verbalize them. Ghana turned, and spoke within herself. Soon, my son. Wait. Immediately, the child stopped crying.

For his fifth birthday, Ghana gave him a very special gift, bestowing upon him the fullness  of Accumulated Knowledge,as well as the ability to make his thoughts into reality. On occasions, when no one was looking, he made his play things dance crazily about, like puppets on a string, while he laughed with delight.   When he wanted something, he soon learned that all he had to do was think, and things simply obeyed his will. 

He loved the books about Pirate adventures, and about all types of animals. He had total recall, remembering every story ever read to him, every word spoken to him. His favorite reading was about the huge, Alaskan Gray Wolf. During his visits to the zoo, the animals, especially the gray wolves would howl, snarl, and  bear their glistening fangs whenever he came near their cages. Perhaps it was his scent, and they were howling to signal their position to the other wolves. Or perhaps it was a kindred spirit, traces of civilizations on distant worlds, in another time, that made them howl at the moon. Maybe they were left here on earth long ago, to fin for themselves. Whatever it was, he now looked at them with glowing eyes and a curious tilt of his head. Sensing in him the dominant power, they lowered their heads and backs in submission, and became silent again. 

There seemed to be no limit to his abilities. At age five the universe lay before him for his taking. 
 One night,when everyone was asleep, he made his room come alive with swashbuckling buccaneers.  Whatever he imagined came before him. That night though, things  got out of hand, causing his mother to rush into his room. What she saw blew her mind. Her eyes widened when one of his characters came at her with a sword. Fearing the worst, she screamed. Darius spoke, no! Immediately, the entire scene disappeared.  He then turned his gaze on his mother to make her forget. She opened the door to his room, peered inside, found her son asleep, smiled, and gently closed the door again. 

Then, there where books about the weather. Darius had always loved to play in the snow. Maybe it was because he was born on one of Philadelphia's snowiest days. It was late winter, almost Spring, and none had fallen. In response, he created his very own snowstorm, turning his large room into a winter wonderland. Heavy snow was everywhere. It covered his dresser and the things on it. It covered his bed, hanging from his clothes on the door and from the windows and ceiling, where it cascaded down into soft white powder. Winds blew it into drifts along walls, and into the center of his room. Ghana came in, amused at what he had done. What would your mother think if she saw this, she gently chided. The boy only smiled. She's at the Doctor's, he answered. That is why you are here. Smarty-pants! Ghana replied. Suddenly, an invisible hand formed a giant snowball and hurled it toward the boy. It bounced off the mental shield he had made, and fell into the snow. Now it was Darius's turn. He released an onslaught of snowballs at Ghana, who retaliated by dropping a mountain of snow on him. They both laughed with glee and fell into it.

Darius heard the door to his mother's car slam. She was returning home and would enter the house with good news. Indeed, she was pregnant with her next son. Perhaps it was a parting gift from her husband, either way, she was joyful. By the time she entered the vestibule and climbed the fourteen steps, Darius had returned his room to normal. Natalie found him sitting in his favorite chair by the window with Ghana telling stories to him. They glanced up. She could not hide her emotions from either of them. Her mind screamed it at them, long before she spoke.  You're going to have a baby brother, Darius, she elated. Darius wasn't really curious when he asked his name. He knew it already. Rashan! His name is Rashan. How did you know? I heard you tell Daddy if it was another boy, you wanted to name it after him. You remember that? Yes!

At age eight, under Ghana's  tutelage, Darius and Rashan began to explore the stars.  Rashan was six. Natalie brought both boys telescopes. Of course, Darius showed the greatest interest, spending hours listening to Ghana's stories and gazing into the heavens. Whatever she seen in her mind, Darius saw it instantly.

Out of jealousy, Natalie wanted to tell Ghana she was spending too much time with her sons,  But she couldn't bring herself to break the bond they had formed. Ghana and Natalie met on that eventful night in the hospital waiting room. By design, Ghana had introduced herself as a Doula and a Seer, one who could see future events. At first, Natalie was skeptical. No one can foretell the future, she mocked. But Ghana had proven her wrong, revealing bits of information no one knew except her. After gaining Natalie's trust, she told her that her interest was with the boy, but soon, there would be two others.  She also told Natalie to prepare to be alone. Her husband was going to be taken. That was all she said on that subject.  After Ghana had predicted the future events regarding Natalie's husband, it only filled her with even more questions. Questions about herself. Was he going to die? Or, was he
leaving her? She had been good to him, so why the heck would he want to leave in the first place?

Later, when people asked about the boy's father, Natalie had no answer, none that made sense anyway. All she knew that they had gone to bed that night, and the next morning he was gone, just as it was foretold. The mysterious part about the whole thing was that all of his clothes, wallet, and other personal things were right where he had left them. It was as though he walked off the face of the Earth. 

Darius looked to Ghana for answers. She gave none. But he knew deep down she was keeping something from him. She often chided him about probing her mind. But that never stopped him. She walled her defense, guarding the secret well.

At five, Young Darius was a gifted child. His doctors were truly amazed at his mental  ability. Ghana had no doubt of Darius's ability to handle the accumulated knowledge he had received. Already he had exceeded the development of children his age. His IQ was off the charts. He shattered the earlier statistics that had compared inner-city youths born to single mothers, against white suburban born children.  Young Darius was in an intellectual capacity unto himself.

When school educators wanted to do further studies on her 10 year-old and remove him from the inner city school system, Natalie said no. She wanted him to remain in his environment. She said Darius was going to be what he would be, regardless.  And so she spent as much time with him as she could. Darius read and absorbed material, as much black history, math and science books as he could.

Darius was eleven in grade 6, Rashan was nine,grade 4, and Jeannine was age seven, grade 2, All were attending Trappe Middle School. The school was known for, anything goes. There was constant bullying and drug abuse. Gang fights were commonplace. One often heard of stabbings in the bathrooms, or somebody being jumped in the school cafeteria. Darius's and his siblings were considered open game because they were new, and were in the Lower classes. Teaching was done at the teacher's own risk. To face the chalkboard was to be a target for insults, spitballs, fruit and others items. Verbal abuse was the favorite method of torture for breaking down a teacher, especially the new ones. Those who couldn't handle it quit, the same day. Others, retreated to the faculty lounge for safety. Nothing was sacred, not even the PA systems. In fact, it was the way of life at Trappe. 

Chief among the school bullies was a thirteen year old boy named Taft Malone, a very angry, often violent youth  whose parents could not afford to join the white-flight from the inner city. Singlehandedly, he and his posse, calling themselves, "white-trash," intimidated most of the 800 remaining students. They stole lunches, money, clothes, only if they liked them, broke up girl and boy friends, whatever met their fancy for that day. The school's reputation was so bad even the police stayed away. 

 No one to stood  up to Taft and his bullies, not even Darius,who had adopted a live and let live attitude. But one day, both Rashan and Jeannine, became the targets. At first, it started with name calling, and then quickly elevated to knocking their books to the floor and then stuffing them into lockers. When Jeannine resisted, one of Taft's girl bully's punched her in the face. Jeannine freaked out. Word quickly got to Darius. He was finally forced to confronted Taft and his gang. Mess with me, chump, he growled. Not intimidated by Darius's challenge, Taft responded, shoving him hard against a row of lockers, and then began punching on him. He protected himself from the onslaught but did not strike back. All talk, no fight, uh. Taft swung at DARIUS again but intentionally missed. Your whole family's chumps! He added.  The posse walked away joking and laughing.

Darius watched until Taft stopped at their lockers near the end of the hall, Taft turned the combination and opened his first. The others followed. Thumps came from inside, like something heavy falling against the doors.  What happened next was mind-boggling. Out poured the biggest Anacondas ever seen outside of a zoo. The angry snakes spilled to the floor, raised their heads, hissed and sprang into action, narrowly missing Taft's gang. They let out a unified howl, jumped back in horror, and fled. Screams were heard everywhere. Immediately, the halls were clear. A few teachers craned  their necks to see what all the commotion was about, but they kept their distance. 

Darius stepped toward the massive reptiles. There was eye contact. No one noticed the orange light in Darius's eye. He reached out, and levitated one. He saw Taft peering from behind a locker, and sent the reptile his way. The bullies  nearly trampled each other in their escape. Darius looked down at the snakes surrounding him. Suddenly, they vanished; even the one at the end of the hall was gone, much to everyone's delight.

Were they really there? Or did we imagine them, some questioned. Meanwhile, Taft tried to regain his composure and hide the fact that during the commotion he had peed his pants.  What's  the matter, Taft? Darius taunted. Want to see a repeat performance? The boy shuddered at the thought, avoided all lockers, tied his jacket about his waist, then joined his gang, following them down the stairs.
I don't think they'll bother anyone else, Darius chuckled. 


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